The Ventus project has ended. Thanks to all who participated.
Here's what it was all about.....

The scientific community needs your help!

Join us in quantifying greenhouse gas emissions and locating all the power plants in the world. Contribute information and climb the ranks in the VENTUS Citizen Scientist Team from “weekend enviro nerd” to “scientific research assistant” to “principal investigator” or get to our highest honor: “power plant emissions GURU”.

How this Works

A climate science research team at Arizona State University, headed by Dr. Kevin Robert Gurney, needs to better quantify carbon dioxide emissions from the world’s power plants. We have some initial information (thanks to the hard work from those data producers) that we need to check with your local knowledge or, in cases where we are missing information completely, ask you to include new information.

If you have any quantitative (or non-quantitative) information that will help us locate, describe, and quantify emissions, please follow the simple steps outlined here to help us.

Using our Google Maps application you will become part of the VENTUS Citizen Scientist team.

The Game

For each piece of useable information you provide (new or confirming), you receive a point. A tally of your total point score will accompany your account. In 201X we will identify the individual with the highest total score and YOU will be the Supreme Power Plant Emissions GURU.

YOU will be flown to Tempe, Arizona to receive your medal and recognition at our first VENTUS citizen scientist assembly.

Simply register in the Members Area to create a user profile for yourself, and we will keep track of all your entries.

You can also enter data anonymously if you prefer, by going directly to the data entry page.