Help us locate and count all the Carbon Dioxide at the world's power plants!

Power plants burning fossil fuels constitute over 40% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the Earth’s atmosphere every year. Carbon dioxide is the most important anthropogenic greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Information regarding where the world’s power plants are located and how much each one is emitting is not well-known outside of the US and a handful of industrial countries. In order for basic research on climate change and the global carbon cycle to move forward, we need this information.

The Ventus Project led by Dr. Kevin Robert Gurney at Arizona State University , is a unique opportunity for you to work with the scientific community by contributing this power plant information. Your role can be as simple as providing the exact coordinates of a single power plant near your home or work (or correcting the location of one already identified). Or, you may have information regarding a series of power plants including, not only location, but power generation, fuel type and CO2 emissions..

How this Works

Our approach is simple: we ask you to contribute information via simple pin placements on Google Maps and some form filling. If you register, you can be a part of a game, competing with others to supply the greatest amount of useable information.

Fortunately, we have some initial information (thanks to the hard work from others, such as the Global Energy Observatory and the Center for Global Development’s CARMA effort) that we need to check against your local knowledge or, in cases where we are missing information completely, ask you to include that new information when you have it.

This initial information is sometimes of good quality (the United States, for example) or very approximate. Sometimes it is clear that it is very incorrectly located with emissions that do not make sense. That is where you can make a difference with real, documented information. Hence, if you have any quantitative (or non-quantitative) information that will help us locate, describe, and quantify power plant CO2 emissions, simply follow the steps outlined in the instructional videos.

The Game

For each piece of useable information you provide (new or confirming), you receive a point. Climb the ranks in the Citizen Scientist league tables. In 2014 we will identify the individual with the highest total score and YOU will be the Supreme Power Plant Emissions GURU an honor only we at Ventus-central can bestow.

You will receive an engraved trophy by a local artist, with your name and your most auspicious deed (no, that is not the trophy on the right!). With your permission, you will be highlighted on our website and our facebook page and tweeted out to our contributing network.

In short, you will be famous among our very elite, newly formed global group of citizen scientist enviro-nerds.

You will also be a co-author on the scientific paper we plan on publishing demonstrating the power of this crowd-sourcing approach. At scientific meetings, Dr. Gurney will promote your abilities and talents

To start, simply register in the Members Area and create a user profile for yourself, and we will keep track of all your entries.

You can also enter data anonymously if you prefer, by going directly to the data entry page, however you will not be entered in the competition if you choose this method......but your information will still be useful.

Existing CO2 Data

The picture below is a sample of power plants in our database. With your help we hope to build upon this solid foundation, with enhanced detail in the data collected, in terms of geographical accuracy and subsequent emissions calculations. Remember, every piece of new information you add is important to our understanding the of global carbon dioxide picture.